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What does the international property market scorecard mean in 2020?

| In times of crisis, the stress on institutions reveals long standing weaknesses. Financial contagion spreads quickly in countries that lacked transparency and appropriately regulated property markets.

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Effective Governance Supports Property Markets

| Good governance ensures that the opinions of all rather than just those of the elite and powerful are represented in the governing of a country, a company or an organization and in including everyone in property markets.

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Use the International Property Markets Scorecard

| The Scorecard can be used by in-country reformers, international policy advisors, the donor community, and global property market analysts to understand market conditions, evaluate risks, and identify key areas for reform. Find out how.

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Property Rights and Markets: Key Building Blocks of an Equitable Post-COVID Recovery

| The Center for International Private Enterprise and a panel of expert speakers discuss best practices and challenges in making property rights broadly accessible and economically transformative, especially for women marginalized groups.

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Why Property Rights and Property Markets Are Key Ingredients of Inclusive Development

| CIPE and experts explain why property rights issues must be a key factor in post-COVID recovery planning and how tools such as the International Property Markets Scorecard can assist advocacy efforts and policy recommendations.

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UN-Habitat World Urban Forum Meets in Abu Dhabi

| Organized and convened by UN-Habitat, the World Urban Forum has become the foremost international gathering for exchanging views and experiences on sustainable urbanization in all its ramifications.

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