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Why Property Rights and Property Markets Are Key Ingredients of Inclusive Development

| CIPE and experts explain why property rights issues must be a key factor in post-COVID recovery planning and how tools such as the International Property Markets Scorecard can assist advocacy efforts and policy recommendations.

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UN-Habitat World Urban Forum Meets in Abu Dhabi

| Organized and convened by UN-Habitat, the World Urban Forum has become the foremost international gathering for exchanging views and experiences on sustainable urbanization in all its ramifications.

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International Property Markets Scorecard Seminar

| World Citizen Consulting’s Bill Endsley conducted a seminar on the International Property Markets Scorecard for Members of the Parliament of Ghana and the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association.

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Uganda Property Show Interviews IHC Global’s Sylvia Luchini

| Sylvia Luchini, the managing director of IHC Global’s Chicago office, sat down with the NTV Property Show in Kampala, Uganda, during IHC Global’s pilot project analyzing property rights and markets through a gender lens.

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Role of Property Rights and Property Markets

| CIPE and IHC Global co-hosted a panel discussion on the role of property rights and property markets in sustainable urbanization and economic growth.

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Using Data to Support Women’s Rights: Property Markets & Housing Rights through a Gender Equity Lens

| This study, carried out by IHC Global and the Association of Real Estate Agents - Uganda (AREA), assesses the core elements of property markets in Uganda and evaluates their effectiveness with a particular view towards women.

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