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Timisoara - Romania - Anna Kompanek 2020

Pricing Risk for Opportunistic Investment in Emerging Markets

| The Scorecard research shows that basic property rights are strong in Montenegro, North Macedonia & Romania. Albania & the Kyrgyz Republic are still coping with the transition from state-controlled economies, so property rights remain weak.

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Building Institutions that Make Property Markets Work

| Property rights are among the most fundamental principles enshrined in Article 17 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet access to and protection of property rights vary greatly.

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Unstable Ground: Analyzing Kenya’s Property Markets

| Although property rights have long been an issue in Kenya, violations during a global pandemic have highlighted the consequences of not having adequate and enforceable land tenure systems in place.

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What does the international property market scorecard mean in 2020?

| In times of crisis, the stress on institutions reveals long standing weaknesses. Financial contagion spreads quickly in countries that lacked transparency and appropriately regulated property markets.

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Effective Governance Supports Property Markets

| Good governance ensures that the opinions of all rather than just those of the elite and powerful are represented in the governing of a country, a company or an organization and in including everyone in property markets.

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Use the International Property Markets Scorecard

| The Scorecard can be used by in-country reformers, international policy advisors, the donor community, and global property market analysts to understand market conditions, evaluate risks, and identify key areas for reform. Find out how.

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